With the pandemic, a New York DJ tries his hand at virtual tours

New York (AFP) - With the coronavirus pandemic, online concerts have become widespread, and musicians are struggling to get (virtually) on stage - and to earn income.

This weekend, the Haitian DJ Michael Brun will try a new model in music: geofencing.Identify people who connect from a specific geographical area, and make them pay "entry".Enough to recreate the experience of a tour.

The first three paying concerts he will organize, at $ 5 virtual access, are for residents (or those within 160 kilometers) of Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

Like many other artists, this 28-year-old DJ, who has mixed at the biggest festivals and whose hits have been streamed millions of times, was playing for free from his apartment at the start of the pandemic.

This weekend, he'll be mixing from a famous Manhattan jazz club, with a sound system and production quality well above average for other virtual concerts.

Paid geofencing, he hopes, will make it possible to recreate a more immersive experience, limited to 500 places per evening.

"It's not just one concert among many others, like that at random," he told AFP."We no longer have the impression of living the moment."

The free shows, which were used to entertain minds and warm hearts during the pandemic, were a "necessity" to keep in touch with the public, he explains.

“Nobody knows when the live music is going to come back, so we don't want to go away,” he adds.

- "In the right direction" -

Since the recording crisis, most artists have derived the vast majority of their income from concerts and tours, an economic model that has been severely damaged by the global health crisis.

Posted Date: 2020-08-21

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